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Hamburger Presses & Stuffed Burger Press

Hamburger Presses & Stuffed Burger Press





Our burger press is the Ultimate, most efficient way to mold and shape the perfect burger. Simply add the desired amount of meat (up to 3/4 lbs.) and press, effectively crafting the perfect round shaped patty.

The Press has lines for the perfect look and optimal heat distribution so you can cook like a real pro. This press works great with regular burgers, sliders, or any patty you can imagine. So no matter what you plan on crafting this press can shape it.

Its non-stick coating will ensure a good clean and smooth operation. This item is recommended to be cleaned by hand wash only.

Product Features:
  • ULTIMATE HAMBURGER TOOL : This burger press delivers perfectly shaped burgers for the professional burger look
  • SUPER DURABLE : Designed and engineered to perfection ensuring an enjoyable dining experience
  • CREATE PERFECTLY : Makes perfect patties every single time
  • SIMPLE : Non-Stick surface helps keep patties intact during removal
  • SUPREME CLEAN - No matter how many delicious stuffed burgers you make with your burger press, clean up is easy with our dishwasher safe press.

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